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Our duty in helping to make our roads safer for all road-users in Alberta is our obligation.
In meeting Alberta Transportationís standards and expectations for driver training in and for the province of Alberta.
All evaluations, assessments and classroom interactions will be conducted without prejudice; our curriculum is solely for improving safety for all road users.
In assisting our clients to achieve a safer driving attitude.

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Text Box: Raise awareness & understanding of risk while encouraging advanced, cooperative, safe-driver attitudes & behaviour.
Text Box: Facilitate the citizens of Alberta in fostering a safer attitude while using our Highway Transportation System; for your family as well as for you.
Text Box: Reduction in road-user fatalities, injuries and property damage
Text Box: The most convenient form of transportation is at our fingertips, itís expensive, and it patiently waits until we need a method of travel that is more comfortable, efficient, and faster than walking; but for many, itís still not fast enough.

If only more road users tried to drive with patience and cooperation, they would see how much more time, and money,  everyone would save.
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To ensure the best results with the exams,our clients should be familiar with the:
Alberta's Basic Licence Driver's Handbook
Alberta Professional Operatorís Licence Information

The exams will test your knowledge of the handbook(s)

Theyíre both free at any registries office, or available online at:

and for PDICs, also the


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Honesty Consistency Diligence
Some Useful LinksRounded Rectangle:  Treat other road-users like theyíre your friends and family.  Take care.
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